Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

They were predicting a cold winter this year and so far that's working out to be true.  The quarters are in today because of the wicked cold and wind (temps were in the low teens this morning).  I did manage to get them out for a few hours yesterday morning before it got too bad.

I'm pretty sure Gwen is standing there wondering where the heck she went so wrong in her life that she had to leave the warmth of Florida for the frigid wastes of upstate New York.  I am thankful that they have a nice barn to keep them warm for their first winter.  Much as I'd like to have my own place, they're in the best place for them right now. 

Operation stall swap is going well.  I will admit that I was relieved when I heard Gwen's morning neigh after getting out of my car yesterday morning.  My overactive imagination was at work again Wednesday night, imagining ways that she could hurt herself.  Stupid overactive imagination.

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