Saturday, December 26, 2009

A new game plan

Well I thought it would work...

Since the stall switch, Gwen has gotten as completely attached to Annie as she is to Coriander. Gah, that's not too helpful, I was trying to get her over her attachment issues. So I wondered if a few hours in the indoor all by herself would make a difference. I was thinking that since I have a week off from work we could do this for a couple days. Well, maybe if I took a mini cooler and a toilet in with me it would work, because 3 hours after I brought her in there she was still pacing the walls and trying to force the doors. I did think to bring a book with me, but after a few hours you get cold sitting there reading, so I started amusing myself by putting ground poles down in her path. All by herself Gwen trotted over 3 ground poles in a row today.

After I got really cold and hungry, I brought her in and decided to make another change. I switched her stall with Coriander's. Now Coriander is next to Annie and Gwen is next to Bill. She'll probably just get horribly attached to him and I'll finally just have to stick her in a stall by herself at the back of the barn for a while.

I took Coriander out for his first bareback ride today. We went into the indoor and walked over ground poles and worked on circles. He was very good for not having been ridden in about 3 weeks. Lousy, freezing weather.

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