Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's snowing!

So when I turned the quarters out this morning it was supposed to be sunny and almost 40 degrees all day.

He's such a ham.

Here is Coriander herding Gwen away from Bill.  Bill is a famous hunter derby horse, he was on the cover of a Dover catalogue.  I asked for his autograph but he just turned his nose up at me.  Jerk.

So the plan was to turn the quarters out, have a lesson in the early afternoon, and then ride Coriander around 3 p.m.  But my lesson got pushed back, it started snowing, and the temperature kept dropping. 

 I literally had an inch of snow on me after my lesson, it was late, and I was frozen, so I didn't ride Coriander.

Not to mention the ring looked like this and the footing stunk:

So that plan didn't work out, but tomorrow is another day and riding him is at the top of my list.  Here's some good news - I took Gwen out last night and did some more work on the leading exercises.  As I expected, she was a ton better than the day before.  She also let me pick up and hold one of her hind legs for a bit, maybe she was just awake enough from the farrier visit to figure out it was okay. 

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