Thursday, January 1, 2015

Evening feed at my house

Evening feed at my house:

Get the toddler all bundled up in his snow suit, get myself all bundled up. Walk halfway out to the chicken coop, remember that I forgot hot water for the chickens, walk back into the house to get hot water. Get all the way out to the coop, bust the ice out of the pan and refill with water. Chickens are good for the night.

Walk over lawn to horses, note the toddler is in the middle of the yard. Get the horses' feed pans ready, hear the toddler crying. Rush out to yard to find the child has fallen down in the snow and can't get up. Hoist up the child. Go back down and find the horses charging around the pasture because they are obviously starving to death. Carry out the feed pans while elbowing the horses out of the way. Walk back to the shed and pull down a hay bale, check in the water tank. SHIT, there's a dead rodent in there. Child starts crying out in the lawn. Run out to help toddler, find him lying facing down licking snow off the ground. Right the toddler. Get back to the shed and dump out the water tank.

Carry bale of hay out to the feeder, get the hay in the bag and the bag in the tank, look up and, SHIT, toddler in the horse pasture (he knows better). Run across the icy pasture to escort toddler out, remember dead rodent is still in the shed. Use hay strings to pick up said rodent and toss it out of the pasture into the weeds. Walk around to refill the water tank. Look down to see a chicken has laid an egg on the floor, yesterday, now it's cracked. Toss egg out the door into more weeds.

Walk at toddler speed back up to the house and then carry the boy up the steps because he can't do it with snow pants on. Take soggy, snow covered clothes off. Warm up and wait to do it again tomorrow.