Sunday, May 31, 2015

Heavy questions

Good news, my art was selected to be in the show next month! I'm very excited!

In other news, my mare is a nut. You remember those pastures I worked my butt off to clear so they'd have more grass to eat? She's scared to be in them. She wasn't even in one of them for an hour when, in an anxiety fit, she raced around the pasture and then blasted through the fence. Unfortunately there are still remnants of little trees that had been cut off a little above ground level in there- she stepped on one and punctured her foot. She seems to be mostly healed now but it took two weeks of soaking, booting, wrapping, and topical treatments to get it there.

That's not normal, right? Most horses, when moved from a pasture with little grass into a pasture with a lot of grass are normally happy, right? Look at these pictures, this was an hour after I put her out here. Notice the grass, lots of grass, and she still made herself into a sweaty mess.

Is there an anti-anxiety med for horses that actually works? I need to find a way to take her down a notch, especially since my family keeps telling me to get rid of her. Get rid of her how? I can't sell her, I'd fear for her safety and the safety of anyone who took her. Ugh.

After her foot is completely healed I'm going to make an effort to work with her every day, get a routine started, and see if that doesn't help her mind get in a good place. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what I'm going to do...