Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best. Things. Ever.

To what do I refer?


I kid you not, if you have pasture-kept horses these things are brilliant.

A few months ago a certain gelding decided that eating a few bites out of his feed pan and then kicking his grain out all over the ground before grinding it all into the mud was a good idea. He would then proceed to do the same to his sister's food.

Now imagine that there's a heavily pregnant woman ranting at him about how he's wasting ALL OF HER FREAKING MONEY.

Yeah, it's kind of amusing. Now. It wasn't then.

So when I had had enough, I bought them feedbags and said to Coriander, "There, try to dump your feed all over the ground now." Hahahahahahahaa.

Amazingly, both horses took to them immediately, even Every-New-Object-Is-Potentially-Life-Threatening Gwen. Probably because it was filled with food. Now there is no more food dumping and no more stealing the other's rations. Even better, you can squirt their wormer into their feed and they will eat it! Thank you Paradigm Farms for introducing me to this concept. No more drama over worming! I LOVE my feedbags!

The brilliance in action:

That's about it for horse excitement around here. I manage to sneak in some ground work a few days a week and I'm slowing getting their feet back under control. Getting so big you can't trim your own toenails kind of gets in the way of trimming your horses. I did take a few rides about 4 weeks postpartum but then the land-owners IR mare came back and in jerry-rigging the fence to keep her off the pasture, the gate kind of disappeared, so that ended riding for the time being. But that's okay, taking care of my little dude has pretty much trumped everything else. An exciting change is in the horizon for the horses though- more on that next month. In the meantime here is a gratuitous photo of my little cowboy: