Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Psycho Gwen

My mare has alter-ego, I call her Psycho Gwen (yeah, I know, that's not very original, too bad). Every once in a while Gwen inexplicably decides that everything she was okay with before is no longer hunky-dory.

Last time I met Psycho Gwen I was taking pictures of her injured leg sometime in September or October. She decided that the camera shutter sound that she had previously been just fine with was going to kill her. I took her outside after she broke the cross-ties to try to convince her that it would not. Two hours of circling and clicking later she was still just as convinced it was going to kill her. A couple days later when I brought the camera out again she didn't even twitch an ear at it.

So tonight when I brought her out of the barn to go into the mini-indoor and she wouldn't stay next to me I had an inkling that Psycho Gwen was there. Then when it took a few minutes of snorting and shying for her to go into the indoor, that inkling was a spark. When she finally got into the indoor and then tried to jump on top of me, when she refused to step over the ground poles she was happily trotting over the day before, I knew for sure she was full-fledged Psycho Gwen.

I've learned that Psycho Gwen cannot be reasoned with. If something bothers Psycho Gwen no amount of desensitizing her to it will convince her it's okay. I've also learned that Psycho Gwen is temporary. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have my regular Gwenevere back. Could Psycho Gwen have come out because she's been cooped up in the barn for a couple days? Could it be hormonal? I have no clue. I'll keep track of her appearances and see if I can figure out where the crazy comes from. One thing I do know for sure - I certainly don't want to try riding Psycho Gwen!

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