Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Operation stall swap

Now that Gwen's leg is almost healed, it's time to do something about how herd-bound my two quarters are.  My barn owner has a mare (Annie) that is stalled right next to Bill and they have fallen in love with each other, making it difficult to turn them out and bring them in without silliness.  When I asked my barn owner if I could switch Coriander with Annie she agreed immediately.  So tonight I made the switch.  Coriander is now between two geldings, Camden and Bill, and Gwenevere is next to Annie.

Coriander was fine with the switch.  He walked in the stall, said, "Ooh hay," and started eating.  He touched noses with Camden and Bill and generally didn't seem to care much.

Gwen seemed fine at first.  She ran over to Annie's side and introduced herself right away saying, "I'm Gwen, who are you?"  Then maybe it occurred to her that her brother wasn't coming back.  She alternated between running to the door of her stall and craning her neck over to peer at her brother across the aisle and then running over to crane her neck around the wall to see Annie.  But she was better than I was expecting.  I was expecting full on screaming and crazy, mad circling around her stall but she didn't really do that.  At least she wasn't when I left.  I left her blanket off tonight for safety's sake but I'll have to put it on her tomorrow morning (supposed to be nasty cold tomorrow), hopefully in the morning she'll be adjusted to the new arrangement.

I have super good news though... I PICKED OUT GWEN'S RIGHT HIND HOOF TODAY!  WHOOHOO!

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