Friday, December 10, 2010

Catching up

A bunch happened this week and nothing happened this week all at the same time. I had to call the vet out last Saturday because Gwen's hind legs were swollen. Comes out she has scratches, awesome. I've been scrubbing her fetlocks with Nolvasan as per doctor's orders and she's been really tolerant of it, which is really good of her considering the temps are usually around 15F when I can get out to do it. Brrr. Fortunately between the scrubbing and some injected antibiotics she seems to be recovering well.

I hate you so much right now.
Not so happily, Coriander has something really wrong with his hooves. Something is eating up the frogs on his front feet from the inside out. About a month ago my hoof consultant told me his feet looked thrushy and to treat for it, so I have been even though I didn't think he had thrush, there is no smell and no black, slimy gunk in his feet. Well a month later his feet don't look any better. I don't think the issue is thrush, I think it might a fungus infestation. Worse, I think it's contagious. Both of his front frogs look like heck and now Gwen's left fore looks eaten away. I blame my hoofpick. Really I blame myself because I should have known better, but since I can foist the blame onto an inanimate object I'm going to.

I'm changing treatment tactics and giving Pete's Goo (a mix of antibiotic and antifungal creams) a try. It can't hurt and it should cover all my bases. In the meantime my hoofpick is getting a nice, long bleach bath. Take that you traitor!

In other news, I had a rather exciting lesson this week full of equipment fails. I was assigned a rather round haflinger pony (Dudley) that my saddle didn't fit at all, but since I was running late I decided to just go with it. Of course that pony decided at one point that he needed to bolt right while we were turning left and I suddenly found my left stirrup about a foot lower than my right. Whoops! I got off and put my saddle back on and managed to convince Dudley that he did, indeed, want to continue to the left instead of bolt right. A little later I sat up after going over a jump only to find that the left rein had come loose in my hand! Since we were cantering away from the jump all I could do was hold up the flapping end of rein in my left hand and hope Dudley would stop when I said whoa. The most interesting part? The rein wasn't broken!

Other than that the quarters have been busy getting really fuzzy. They look adorable right now.


  1. Geez, poor you! Poor babies! I am not familiar with scratches; I hope it clears up quickly for poor Gwen. Regarding Coriander, (I don't want to freak you out here!!) have you considered cankers? The only reason I know about it is that someone I know has a horse that has it. Here's a link on it:

    Equipment fails! You are one lucky lady!

  2. EW! Looking at those pictures I'm pretty sure it's not cankers (phew), he's definitely losing tissue and not growing that nasty cauliflower stuff. Unless that stuff comes later...

    I'll see if I can get a picture today.

  3. Scratches can be a beast to treat - Maisie used to get it and Pie has had it too. I've had good luck with EqySS medicated shampoo and spray, and then trying to keep it clean and dry. Desenex can be helpful too once it's starting to scab up. I also don't pick off any of the scabs, just let them come off on their own although that can take time.

    For the yucky feet, many people have had good results with White LIghtening for fungal/bacterial infections.

  4. I'm definitely not picking those scabs, I don't even pick my own scabs. I wonder if Eqyss is like Nolvasan, I'll have to check it out.

    Thanks for the pointers!

  5. Your ride on Dudley sounds interesting to say the least! I hate it when the saddle slips, I have that happen a lot with Dusty. We can't find a saddle to fit her, she is wither deprived and very round. I can sympathize with uneven stirrups.

    We have had great results on scratches with Animalintex. It's like a miracle treatment. Just wrap the scratches with the Animalintex, hold in place with gauze and a standing wrap if you try it.

  6. Yeah, if I ride him again I'm going to paw through the school saddles and see if there's something that will fit him better.

    I'll look up Animalintex, I like the sound of miracle treatment. She's getting better- the swelling is gone and it feels like the scabbing has come to a head.