Friday, February 26, 2010

Acres and acres of snow

The snow came, the snow decided to stay, and now I want to chase the snow off with a frying pan.

We've got a little over 2.5 feet out there, though that's not all from this storm, and it's still snowing. Due to the wind we've got some pretty deep snow drifts too. Anyway, yesterday morning it rained before it snowed so the roads were awful, and I didn't make it to the barn. Yesterday was the third day I haven't seen the quarters since I got them in August. I hate not seeing my horses. I know they're fine, they're in the barn and the owner is there to give them hay 3x a day and grain 2x a day, but I need to actually see them to know they're okay (what can I say, I'm a worrier).

Fortunately my workplace opened late this morning, so after I dug my car out of the snow I stopped by the barn. I had to park on the road and trudge my way up the really long driveway, but it was worth it.

Any day I get to see my horses is a good day!


  1. Glad you were able to visit with your quarters. Good start to the weekend! I haven't seen Gem since last Sunday, after riding him 5 times the week before, so I am going through some real withdrawal. If the roads are decent I will go out after work. Hope you get to ride over the weekend in spite of the snow!

  2. I don't know if I'll be able to ride, I have to see if I can even get the horses out of the barn first! Stinking snow keeps accumulating...

    Hopefully you and Gem can spend some quality time this weekend.