Saturday, February 20, 2010

Landmark ride

Coriander went for his first ride with the bit today!

I wanted to keep it as low key as possible, so it was a short ride. We only walked and I essentially rode with zero contact. I wanted him just to get used to the feeling of walking around with me on his back and a piece of metal in his mouth. Someone might be thinking, "geez, easing him into it much?" To which I say, "heck yeah!" First of all, the poor boy hasn't even been ridden in about a month (stupid, crappy weather), and second I don't want to get hurt. Keeping him comfy keeps me safe.

I'm pretty darn pleased with him. He wasn't constantly mouthing the bit, he didn't poke his nose up in the air, and he was cool as a cucumber. He did pretend to forget what leg aids were but I'm going to forgive him for that.

Gwen got some work in today too. She got some practice targeting and dropping her head on cue out in the ring. I think it's really good for her. I let her work at liberty and there are a ton of distractions around. She was initially very anxious and ran the fence line. But once I got her attention with the target she calmed right down. When we were done, she walked very calmly next to me back to the barn.

All in all, it was a pretty good day!


  1. Congratulations! This is fantastic! Absolutely nothing wrong with easing into it. Go at a speed that is comfortable for you and Coriander. Gwen seems to be coming along nicely too. You must be walking on Cloud 9. :-)