Thursday, February 4, 2010

The danger is past

Great news, The swelling in Gwen's leg was down significantly last night and almost completely gone tonight. Apparently it pays to have a huge bottle of antibiotics just sitting around the barn.

I bought Coriander some underwear because his blanket has been wearing the hair off his shoulders (Bleh for cotton lining and no shoulder gussets. Yep, I'm living and learning here). I sincerely hope that next winter the quarters will have a lovely big pasture with a run-in to live in and I won't have to do blanket ballet again with them. Of course that will also depend on what kind of winter coat they grow. This winter they just didn't grow enough hair for the frigid cold we've had and are still having.

I'm tired of winter, I can has spring now?


  1. Glad to hear that Gwen is feeling better! Only another few weeks of winter - the time will fly! ;-)

  2. Sigh, I know spring will be here soon but it's hard to remember that when we're in the dark days of February.

    Good call on the antibiotic cream, I think it helped me find the source of the infection. I'll get a picture this weekend and show you what I mean.

  3. Ah, good to hear. I'm glad you had antibiotics on hand.