Friday, June 4, 2010

Flip video cameras have a learning curve...

For the record I do not recommend clicker training two horses at once while trying to take video.

I also do not recommend playing this video with sound. Heck, I don't really recommend watching it at all. I have no idea why I'm posting this. Maybe somebody will get a kick out of it.

This is Coriander's first day getting clicked and reinforced for walking over poles. As you can see, he's pretty smart. Or just really food motivated. Either one.

Gwen's getting extra reinforcement for choosing to walk over that pole all by herself without any prompting from me. She did it again without hesitation but I had already turned the camera off.


  1. Nice to see that you can walk over poles, too!! ;-)

  2. Flip cameras are neat!
    There is a bit of a learning curve, but I think you'll have fun with it once you get it figured out.

    I have a flexible tripod (kind of like this: which is great for when I'm taking horse videos.