Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm going western, ya'll

My Dad gave me a western saddle for Christmas two years ago (thanks Dad). Now some of you may be asking, "if you had a western saddle why didn't you put THAT on Gwen?"

Well I had a whole bunch of answers to that question, all of which seem pretty stupid now that my ankle has been busted. My most pertinent response was that I didn't know how to cinch the darn thing up. Yesterday, with the help of my Mom (thanks Mom, today is her birthday btw), I learned how to cinch up a western saddle.

Coriander was my willing victim. The first saddle he ever wore was western so I knew he wouldn't have a problem with it. Of course it helped that his human kept shoveling treats in his mouth because he's such a good boy.
It looks pretty snazzy on him, doesn't it? (Yeah, he's dropping to send me a message. Sheath cleaning is scheduled for Saturday morning.) It's a brand-spanking-new barrel saddle, never been ridden in once. Mom told me I need an actual pad to go under the saddle-not just a blanket, so I ordered a new hunter green pad for it this morning. Gwen looks fabulous in green.

While I had the saddle out I took the opportunity to introduce Gwen to it. I just placed it on her back for a minute or two. She wasn't bothered by it at all, at least I did a good job desensitizing her to wearing saddles if nothing else. I didn't get a picture because I left her loose while I did it and she was more interested in walking over to a patch of grass than standing for the camera.

Operation Start Gwen Without Getting Further Broken has begun!


  1. Looking snazzy! I have just recently learned how to tie a cinch so you are not alone... I am still not sure if I am doing it right! I am excited to hear how Gwen does.

  2. Golden I'm pretty sure you're doing it right. Now that I know how to do it, it seems like it would be hard to screw up. The trickiest part is getting a neat tie off.

    Gwen's going to get to wear the saddle and carry all sorts of different things around in it besides me for the next couple of months. I'm not going to try to get back up there until September at the earliest. More healing time is needed!

  3. He looks very handsome! How much do you think the saddle weighs?? I bought my saddle off of my instructor, and it weighs a ton!

    I like your approach to getting Gwen used to it, etc. She doesn't like being rushed. :-)

    Remember - do NOT, under any circumstance, push your hair back with your arm while you are cleaning Coriander's sheath!!!!! Good luck! :-)

  4. It's super light for a western saddle. I don't know exactly what this one weighs but barrel saddles seem to run from 23-30 lbs. Barrel saddles are designed to keep the rider in around sharp turn and bursts of speed. Hopefully it'll give me a fighting chance if/when she gets nutty.

    I'll keep my hair up in a ponytail as per your advice!

  5. He looks very handsome in his new gear. Hope you have lots of good rides in your new saddle and lots of fun. You've got to take a picture of Gwen in the green pad when it comes. I'm sure she'll look gorgeous. I'm partial to hunter green, it's Dusty's color too.

  6. GHM- your wish is my command. I promise lots of pictures.