Sunday, June 20, 2010

That mare...

Just jumped the 4 foot fence of the arena and escorted herself back to the barn. She will be the death of herself one day. At least since that fence is wood she could see it and didn't hurt herself.

Lesson learned: don't leave Gwen alone in the arena and walk back to my car when I already know she's worked up. Do A LOT of head lowering first and then go get what I need out of the car. Maybe. Better yet just take her with me.

Fortunately when she gets loose I know exactly where she's going to head- to Coriander's stall. I caught her back up, took her back out on the lead line and worked on head lowering, A LOT of it.

Ugh, I was hoping she'd never learn how to jump that fence...


  1. Sounds like she's got the makings of a jumper!

  2. Hi Kate, that's what I want to use her for. She's got the agility of a cat. I was hoping to start her jumping more on my terms though.

    Wolfie: Exactly. My throat still hurts where my heart jumped into it.

  3. I have one that jumped out of the arena like that. You gotta wonder what goes through their heads sometimes. Mother Nature was supposed to make them lazy. Jumping out of enclosures doesn't sound lazy to me. LOL

  4. You're right RR. Plus she picked a spot 1.5 feet from the fence so she pretty much had to jump straight up and then do a crazy barrel roll over the top. She certainly didn't make it easy on herself.