Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recovery: week 4

How do you like my new perspective? I call it the "stuck on my butt" series. I actually kind of like this angle, the camera was nearly on the ground under the fence to get these. I especially like those shots of my boy, he's very photogenic.

I'm very happy that Coriander is getting turned out without his halter on.  My BO was leaving them on to make sure she could catch them but I don't think it took her long to realize that he's just about the easiest horse to catch ever.  The last time I was in Florida, before the quarters came up to NY, I spent some time getting to know him a little better.  I wanted to see how he was to catch and groom so I turned him out in a little paddock and practiced a bit.  He was AWFUL to catch, I had to corner him in order to get his halter on and it took me at least 1/2 hour to do it.  But you know what?  ever since he's been up here I've never had a problem catching him, not once. 

If Coriander had a motto it would be "I'm just here for the food."  I think this is the #1 reason why he's so easy to catch.  He knows that every time he goes in the barn there's a huge pile of hay waiting for him, so he's more than happy to go inside (that wasn't the case when he was in Florida, that's part of the reason why he's here).  He's actually started ignoring me when I visit outside the pasture because he's figured out that I'm not going to bring him inside to his hay.  That hurts a little, but he's got his priorities.  It's a different story if I visit when they're in the barn, my pocket full of treats wins him over every time.

The fastest way to my gelding's heart is through his stomach, does that make him a typical male?


  1. Yep, he is a typical male. :-) I think most animals are food driven. It's a survival thing. Don't take it personally. Your "stuck on my butt" series is good! Nice to see grass in your pictures.

  2. Yeah, I'm not taking it personally. But I do get extra scratches in when he's bugging me for treats.

    Isn't green a nice color? So much better than white.

  3. Love the perspective from 'low down'. Great pictures. All horses are food motivated in my opinion males and females. Dusty is one of the biggest treat muggers on the farm. On the other hand I'm sure he just loves you for yourself and not your treats. Just like Dusty loves me, yeah right. I had better be bearing gifts or she wouldn't even give me a second look!