Saturday, April 3, 2010

Recovery: week 2

The quarters are now desensitized to crutches (I never imagined that happening).  I can only hobble in and visit with them over their stall doors and fences but it's better than nothing.

See, here we are chatting over the fence.  I'm pretty sure they thought I was there to bring them in, they were complaining their pasture had too much mud and not enough grass.  Sorry quarters, no such luck. (Yes, I have a "keep out the poo" bag on my leg.) 

Other than that:
  • Gwen gave me a scare by swelling up her injured leg again.  Fortunately it went down by itself so I don't have to put her on antibiotics again.  Thankfully she's been good for my barn owner so they've been able to get regular turnout.
  • Coriander turned ten on Wednesday.  I scritched his nose and called him birthday boy but I don't think he was very impressed.  He probably wanted a black forest cake, he's picky like that.
  • My leg started hurting significantly less by the middle of this week.  I  can sit in front of the computer now with only mild discomfort.  The most annoying part is that my leg isn't swollen anymore, so the cast is loose and rubbing against pressure points.  I'm counting down the hours till my doctor appointment on Monday when this darn thing comes off for a little while.  I need a reprieve.


  1. Yay! Glad to see that you are mobile! You are making quite the fashion statement with that plastic bag. ;-) Good news that Gwen and your BO are getting along. Coriander won't mind if you celebrate his birthday another time. I have never had a cast (knock on wood!) - poor you! It can only improve going forward, right? :-)

  2. That's me- ever stylish (wink). It's been a huge relief that she's been relatively good for the barn owner, it takes 95% of my stress away knowing that they're getting out regularly and not wasting away in their stalls. And yeah, I'll have to do something nice for my boy sometime soon.

  3. Crutches, even wheel chairs, they can get used to most anything if we need them too. Hope your stint on crutches is short.

  4. Owwwwwww I am wincing just thinking about this whole ordeal. What good little quarters. "We got her this way, the least we can do is let her pet our noses."

  5. That seems to be true, RR. They really weren't worried about them at all. Unfortunately my stint on crutches won't be short, I'll be on them until June.

    Hi Natalie, Gwen actually has been extra loving since I got busted. I doubt she knows she's the reason why but I know she can feel that I'm not 100%.