Friday, April 23, 2010

Recovery: week 5


Remember the part where I said maybe this is the universe's way of getting me to sit back and watch someone else work for a while?  Apparently I'm not good at translating, because it now seems the message was "sit back and watch the mess that happens when you are rash and impulsive."  I have been vindicated in avoiding the use of a chain on Gwen, she's been extremely difficult for my barn owner to catch and I think it's because she knows getting caught = chain (there haven't been any marks on her nose so I know there hasn't been any abuse happening, she's just super sensitive).  There was an occasion where my horses were out for two days without water before Gwen would let herself be led inside.  That is SO not okay.

Gwen has also mysteriously started being deathly afraid of the shavings bag which means if she's in when the stalls get cleaned she doesn't get shavings.  They don't bed the stalls very deep in the first place so it didn't take long before she was standing on bare rubber.  She now has rub marks on the insides of her fetlocks.  NOT okay.

I need to move my horses as soon as I can.  The really obnoxious bit is that we have a house to buy with a nice pasture space and a barn already filled with hay, but everyone around me keeps dragging their feet when it comes to making it happen and it's making me CRAZY.  My only consolation is that we HAVE to move by July because that's when the lease is up on our apartment, but there's an awful lot that needs to happen by then.

Yeah, it hasn't been a good week for me.  You know what universe?  We're fighting now.  I just wanted you to know.


  1. Oh, dear. This experience of sitting back has been an eye opener for you, hasn't it? I am thinking that's a good thing. I can't say that I like the fact that the horses were without water! Not good. Or the fact that Gwen is getting short changed on the bedding. I am getting the impression that the BO is not really experienced. There is no way in h--- that my BO would let a horse go without water or shavings. She would find a way to manage the horse. Perhaps it is time for Gwen and Coriander to find new digs. I hope it works out with the new house (fingers crossed). Will you be trailering your horses to someplace where you can have lessons and they/you can socialize?

  2. Yeah, it's been rough. I know that she's doing the best she can but, darn it, it hasn't been good enough. She actually has tons of experience which is why I'm a bit boggled at some of her barn decisions. I guess everybody runs their barn a different way, and her way isn't the way I'd do it.

    It's just going to be that much sweeter when I finally have the quarters on my own property!

    After the (eventual) move I'll keep taking lessons on other people's horses and riding my own at home.