Wednesday, October 2, 2013

They're home!

They came home last Thursday, getting them here was... ugh. I really wish I'd gone with my instinct and just walked them home last month, instead Gwen and I had a little saga going on with the trailer for 2.5 weeks. Let's just say that, at this point, the only way she's getting on a trailer again is if she's dead. Yeah, it went well.

It's sure nice to have them home though, where I can see them whenever I look out the window. I've gotten a front row seat to Gwen's neurotic show. She wore this lovely path next to the fence line by pacing FOR DAYS ON END. On the bright side, she's getting better, I only saw her pacing for an hour today.

Coriander, on the other hand, settled in pretty quickly. By the second day he was comfortable and begging for treats.

Unfortunately the pasture looks pretty ghetto right now. There isn't much grass because we had to go around and fill in a bunch of holes and dips with topsoil and then we had to dig a drainage ditch to try to keep it dry. I am planning on making more pasture but we need to clear out a few more acres first. They should have grazing available next year.

Baby boy has been getting some horse time too. He likes to chill in his stroller with his feet up and smile at them. Maybe he'll be a horse boy someday?


  1. The quarters look good! Congratulations ;D

  2. Congratulations! Living the dream my friend!!!

  3. Yeah! That's wonderful! I'm sure Gwen will chill out eventually. (As long as there are no more trailers in her future, Ha!)

    Love your new page and the header is adorable with the baby boy in the stroller taking it all in. The last picture is adorable too, guess the horses are wondering what exactly is in that strange contraption. Good luck with everything.

  4. Cool beans!

    The new header made me giggle. So cute!

  5. AWE!!! Love the view and different angle on your little Tike and the horses there!
    Good work you guys!!!
    Happy for you! Being able to look out the window and see your steeds...dreamy!