Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I took my human for a ride

and I dids a good job!

I knew something was up when my human starting putting the leather things on me while I was eatings dinner. She got a new leather thingy for my back that I'm trying out from someone who lives a long ways away. I've never met the person who lent it, but I like her for sending me such a comfy leather thing to try! (Thank you, KK)

When I was done eatings, my human grabbed the metal steppy thing and took me up to the field with all the sharp green trees in it. She put the steppy thing next to me and stepped up, but the horses over there were making noises so I had to pay attention to them. I forgot my human was there until I noticed her scratching my withers and calling my name, then I remembered that I'm supposed to put my head down when the human is on the steppy thing. After the human sat on my back I had to wait while she bent over and did something with the leather thingy (It's SO nice having stirrups with her), and then we got to go!

I headed up to the top of the field but then I had to stop because the ground got all funny (deep, muddy ruts with ice), so I had to put my nose next to the ground so I could figure out how to walk over it. Once I got past the funny ground we got back in the grasses and I was happy. I wanted to stop and eat the grasses but my human made me keep going.

Then we turned down the hill between the sharp green trees and I had to be real careful, it's hard to walk down hill with a human on your back! Plus there were branches from the trees on the ground that I had to sniff. But I made it, all the way down the hill and I didn't have to trot once! (She's been having a hard time walking downhill without trotting, we've been working on her balance)

My human asked me to turn back towards the pasture where my herd is and then she let me eat a bunch of really yummy looking grasses before we headed back up the hill. I tried to take the shortcut back to the barn and jump the ditch but my human made me walk up along side it instead (I was not relishing the idea of eating driveway dirt). Then I wanted to stop and eat grasses again but my human made me keep going until we got back to the metal steppy thing.

Then my human said "whoa" so I stopped and she jumped off and gave me treats and told me I was wonderful. She might have been crying, my human is so dramatic sometimes.

You gives me treats now!


  1. How sweet! Yay for the ride, good job Gwen!

  2. Thank you! Someday I'll take my good rides on her for granted, but that day hasn't arrived yet.

  3. wow gwen! You have come a long way! We knew you had it in you to be a gird girl ;)

  4. Good job Gwen! So glad you had a nice time but sorry you didn't get to jump the ditch. These humans can be so dramatic sometimes can't they? Sounds like you liked your saddle too.

  5. Oh, that actually made me tear up too..."~'

    What a delightful ride on Gwenny mare! My, she looks adorable in the new "Leathers"! AWESOME! Happy that you got to sneak that outing in.
    She was taking the her Q from the forward panel...JUMP! But, best that you waitied.

    Mine too...gets all freaky jittery from the slick ground on hills. I used to think she was misbehaving..if I took contact it got FAR worse! I now have long and solid contact- by putting both hands on my breast collar, over her withers..she can relax, I trust her to keep the speed to minimum.

    You have yourself some festive times now...one week till Christmas and your time off!!!
    Love to you and yours!!

    I LOVE the header...reminding us of greener, lush(warmer) days of summertime!

  6. Hi Golden, yup, she really has come a long way :)

    GHM- I'm such a party pooper. She really does like jumping that ditch.

    Thanks KK, I can't wait to get some more time in the Konklusion!

  7. Yay for such a great ride!! Gwen looks so cute in all her leather. :)

  8. Wow! What a great ride. You're a good girl, Gwen. I understand why she might get very emotional after such a success. Keep up the good work!

  9. Sounds like Gwen had a fun time!
    I've always noticed that babies take awhile to figure out that walking downhill works just as well...or better, than trotting.

  10. Thanks in2paints, I think so too.

    Thanks Linda :)

    OfA&H- I agree, inertia seems to take them over easily. She's getting the hang of it though.

    Fetlock- she's a multi-talented quarter horse ;) She does have a thing with the letter "s"...

  11. This was cute! I like the need to sniff and look at every little thing. Yay for a good ride!

  12. Hi Taterz, I was pretty happy that she wanted to stop and sniff everything. I like her comfortable and wanting to interact with the environment instead of being afraid. She used to be very afraid.

  13. Just stopping by to wish you and your family and critters a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!