Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday gift guide 2011

It's that time of year again, when many of us think of gift giving. If you're like me, and handmade art strikes your fancy, take a look at these offerings from Etsy.

Handpainted mug by Carole Koch

"All That Glitters" photography by Juliet Harrison
"Wild Mustang" ACEO print by AmyLyn Bihrle
PMC silver horse jewelry by Silver Wishes

If you'd like to give a gift for a cause,consider buying one of Sarah K. Andrews' calendars. All the profits go to One Horse at a Time, an organization that seeks to rescue horses from abuse and neglect. They have a weekly feature on the horses at Camelot Auction where they network on facebook to try to find homes for the horses that would otherwise be killed.

If you've got something more practical in mind, you couldn't go wrong with a bottle of No Thrush.

 Or how about a pair of these?
Bates Webbers
Wintec Webbers
I bought a set of webbers for my Ansur and I love them. They are very easy to use and, best of all, they don't create a painful lump under your thigh like traditional leathers. The Bates webbers are a little more expensive as they are leather, but the synthetic Wintec webbers have gotten great reviews.

One of my favorites is the gift of books, here's a selection I've got my eye on:
"True Unity" by Tom Dorrance
"Old Men and Horses" by Ross Jacobs
"Nature in Horsemanship" by Mark Rashid
Of course the best gift of all is our horses, I hope everyone gets to enjoy them this holiday season!


  1. All good gifts that any horse person would like to get. I like the calendar idea.

  2. Yeah, Sarah does a great job with those photos. I think she single-handedly rehomes most of those horses with her work.

  3. Omg, that photograph is gorgeous!!

    And I agree, that calendar is such a great idea. I have so much respect for the poeple on the "front lines" at the auction houses, saving horses from slaughter. I know one minute there would shatter me.

  4. Isn't it? I love the smooth texture feeling you get looking at it, also that you can see the dapples. Healthy horse!

    Ditto on the calendar. I had to buy one after I made this post.

  5. hmm. I like the look of those webbers... Thanks!

  6. Oh geez, sorry I missed this. The webbers are awesome, I'll never go back to the old buckle leathers!

  7. Many thanks on the compliments on my photograph. And for the mention in the blogpost. - Juliet

  8. Many thanks on the compliments on my photograph. And for the mention in the blogpost. - Juliet