Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Babies

So the temperature across the country has been about 20 degrees less than ideal. I think we can all agree on that. The quarters have been cooped up in the barn for a couple days due to the Siberian temps and the wind. Tonight, after I got out of work, the wind had died down and I snuck the quarters out for a little while.

Tonight you wouldn't have known that they've lived most of their lives in Florida. Right outside the barn door there was a chest deep snow drift. You'd think at least Gwen would have a little freak out about it- but guess what? They both plowed right through it without hesitation, even Gwen. Moments like that give me real hope that there's a sane, dependable horse hiding inside all that nervous.

Then they had a ball in the pasture. Coriander, of course, had to roll in it and turned himself completely white while Gwen just ran around bucking and kicking and having a grand old time. Sorry, no pictures, there was just enough ambient light for me to see them but not enough for the point-and-shoot I carry around with me. Hopefully I'll be able to turn them out tomorrow morning and I'll try to get some pictures then.


  1. Your description of them running around in the snow brought back childhood memories of the first snow of the season! Hope you are able to get pictures of them frolicking soon!

  2. That's exactly what they were like, little kids playing outside on a snow day!