Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Horses Wearing Plaid

The title of this post was kindly provided by my husband.


  1. I love horses in plaid!!

    I have a plaid foal blanket, which thankfully is still in the wrapper, never opened. (If it were opened, that would imply that I was out foaling a mare on a 25 degree night, something that simply should not happen in Florida.)

  2. Love the pics! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Union Square, actually one of my co-workers just had a mare foal yesterday. It was 18 degrees yesterday, the high Saturday is supposed to be 13. That little colt had his first blanket on within 15 minutes of his birth. Whoever bred that mare was nutters.

    Thanks Wolfie, I was hoping that they'd be a little more rambunctious for more interesting pictures than that, but I guess the snow wasn't quite as exciting anymore!