Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Really AQHA?

Apparently I'm on a video kick, cause here's another one.

Some genius AQHA judge said this horse was world champion quality and they proudly declared this on facebook:

2011 AQHA Yearling Stallions World Champion

I'm no professional show judge, but I would have DQ'd this horse immediately. Anyone else agree? Already lame at one year old and fat as a slaughter-bound pig to boost. Wanna place bets on this horse's future?

PS- is the lip chain really necessary? I thought the ideal quarter horse was supposed to be calm and easy to handle (Gwen notwithstanding). Even the stallions.

Edited to add a video of AQHA naming yet another lame horse world champion, this time the performance halter champion. This is even worse, horses are supposed to earn points under saddle to qualify for performance halter. Was this horse lame for all his under-saddle classes too? What is wrong with these judges?


  1. But they have performance halter now, that makes up for it... HA! I personally think it's absolutely hysterical that they had to make another conformation class for horses you can actually use.

    In short, I agree with you.

  2. Poor horse! I totally agree with you.

  3. Nonsense. Poor horse is right. What's wrong with people nowadays anyway and who sets the winning criteria.

  4. smazourek: Lol...completely pathetic. I'm such a snob. Someone tells me that they show halter horses, and I immediately turn my nose up. I just don't see how walking an obese horse around a ring qualifies as "showing."

    Yeah, not a fan at all:


  5. Laura M- it's awful. Apparently the owner's and the judges can't see that the horse is sore :(

    GHM- I wish I could answer that, I don't get it either.

    Mare- That picture is sad, how can that horse even move?

  6. Well he looked to be a pretty, shiney MESS. And the value to showing horses that way?

  7. To prove you can make anything through selective breeding?

  8. I'm always completely puzzled by halter. I don't get it - a fat, useless horse who's bred to be that way. But then most top world class events seem to go to ridiculous extremes that loose the original purpose (I sure see it in dressage), so I guess it isn't just halter.

  9. Wow..that is a shiny chubster. What is UP with that hind end? Seems all tied up? And I HAVE a lame horse who walks better than that poor horse. ;)

  10. Carol, I totally agree. Nowadays halter just seems to be a way to show that selective breeding can produce anything.

    Kristen, too bad Laz isn't a quarter horse- then he'd be considered sound!

  11. I'd like to see a horse that this alive at 20. If they do live that long it would be interesting to see how they move.
    I don't get it either. A horse you can't do anything with put lead it around.