Sunday, March 20, 2011


Meet the new Ansur Crossover
Is it gorgeous or am I nuts? I'm a bit of a sucker for stamped or tooled leather so I can't tell if I'm being objective. The other good thing about this saddle, I can school or show dressage in it and take it out on the trail the next day. Check it out with its trail clothes on:

Why am I introducing you to a saddle? Because I need a new one; preferably one that will fit both the quarters. You'd think that would be easy since they're half siblings, but their backs are completely different. Coriander is slab-sided with prominent withers and spine, while Gwen is very round with sort of sloping withers and tremendous back muscles ridging her spine. Knowing that, I've been researching treeless saddles- which led me to Ansur. What I like about these saddles is that they have a gullet and they look like a regular treed saddle. Thing is, they are NOT cheap. I'm trying to set up an appointment now with the local distributor to try one out. I need to look one of these puppies over with a fine-tooth comb and put it through all its paces before I shell out the big bucks. But if the Quarters and I like it, and it's going to last and last, this might be my next big purchase.

My horses are already shoeless and mostly bitless, might as well go treeless too, right?


  1. That would be pretty awesome that it would fit both horses plus be a good trail/show saddle. The thing about buying an expensive saddle is that it (should) be a nice quality saddle and you'll probably love it to death and it'll last a long time :) I just saw this saddle at the Expo here. It seems nice, and it's not too funny looking for a treeless saddle!

  2. Shannon, Have you seen Kacy's blog allhorsestuff? She has a ottb that she has been riding in a bareback pad for years without stirrups and just bought her Ansur. I am going to start my research here too - I didn't realize that I could try one out first. I think I need to get another job to pay for this, but by all accounts it is SO worth it! Good luck!

  3. You can put fenders on and change the stirrup for trail riding?? Cool! I love tooling and stamped leather, too. :-) I don't know much about treeless saddles but I bet they are a lot lighter the regular Western saddles! I think I would miss the horn though. Keep us posted. I am very curious as to what you think of it!

  4. I am in love! Please keep us updated in what you find out about that saddle. That is perfect for Bodhi and I too!!

  5. Wow. Now, I know basically nothing about dressage saddles, but this looks pretty neat to me. I love the trail conversion and if it would fit both your horses, even better! Let us know how it all turns out. I'm really curious to see how it all works out, especially on your quarter horses :)

  6. I've got an appointment to go take a test ride. Distributor is super gung-ho but I expect that of a distributor. My bum and my back are going to be making the decision.

    TBA- did you happen to sit in one?

    Juliette- I actually just found her blog. I'll stay tuned to see what she thinks.

    Wolfie- Isn't that neat? They make western saddles too, complete with horns ;)

    Golden- it's worth a try, good luck finding a distributor in Canada. I know they're there but they might be few and far between.

    Jessie- don't worry, I'll keep you in the loop :)

  7. I've seen this saddle before and it looks really neat. I considered it for Dusty and Blue but opted for the Black Country custom saddle because they both have similar backs. No withers and very broad. I don't know that much about how treeless works and didn't want to take a chance on spending the money and then not liking it. It does look nice though. Hope you like it.

  8. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't spend this much money without trying it out first and their distributors are pretty spread out. I'm lucky to have one within a hour's drive. You can "test" a saddle from the company but really that's just buying a saddle and then returning it- not really that helpful.