Saturday, November 21, 2009

A glimpse in my war chest

So after I posted yesterday's entry I thought it might be interesting to show how I bandage Gwen's leg. So here's a picture of everything I need to get started.

Then the whole process begins:

  1. I clean the wound with water
  2. then I apply Equaide ("the proud flesh eliminator") to the wound.  I use an incredibly high tech tool for that... my finger
  3. over that I stick two non-adhesive pads, which actually stick to the wound most of the time - grrr
  4. then the white stable wrap goes on, I try to wrap it as high as I can over the front of the hock without covering the joint
  5. over that I strap on the remaining half of my tapeless hock holder, she destroyed the top half the first night it was on, I salvaged it because it keeps the top of the bandage from gapping and keeps the poo out
  6. then I give her a treat, she loves her licorice horse treats
  7. then over that goes the blue polo wrap, wrapped as tight as I can get it
  8. another treat
  9. finally the whole thing gets covered in vet wrap, the whole bandage feels like a cast when this is done
  10. a final treat
Yup, it's a 10 step process.  Here she is waiting for it all to get started (crappy quality pic, but isn't she pretty?).  I specifically turned the flash off before I took this picture and somehow the camera turned it back on.  So she just about jumped out of her skin 1/4 second after this picture was taken.  Bad camera!  But she calmed right down, so she got an extra treat for that.


Did you know that if you click on the pictures it takes you to the full size version? Pretty cool.

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