Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm in a sniping mood

Since I have quarter horses that I'd like to show someday I've joined the American Quarter Horse Association.  One of the perks of joining is subscribing to the American Quarter Horse Journal.  I got my first issue in the mail last weekend... and was frankly appalled at what's winning in the halter horse rings nowadays.  All I can say is that my halter bred gelding is SO lucky that his breeder had a clue about what what good conformation actually is unlike 90% of the people out there showing today.

Look at these poor things, textbook post-legged horses.  Also note how light their bone is, how can those flimsy front cannons possibly hold up that much horse? 
Look at this poor baby, only a weanling and he's destined to be crippled for most of his life.

Then there's this poor mare.  Just look at those hind legs, bow-legged much?

Check out this bugger that I snagged from the AQHA website.

There's an accompanying video of this particular horse.  He literally looks like he's walking on his tip-toes, his hind hooves don't reach any further forward than his sheath.

Lest you think I'm just picking on the fringe when it comes to AQHA breeders- I'm not.  Every single one of these horses is advertised with World Champion in their list of accomplishments.  Can a single one of these horses ever be ridden someday?  It's just sad.

It looks like my only hope for getting anywhere with Coriander in halter is to get some points under saddle and show him in performance halter classes.  Sigh.  

I'll leave you with a palate cleanser.  If I was going to breed my mare (which I'm not, temperment alone rules her out), this horse would be a contender.  His name is One Hot Krymsun, he's a champion western pleasure horse, and his rear-end is 500% better than the above horses. Though now that I look at him again I don't really like his front legs... 


  1. Educational post, S. I am not a fan of itsy bitsy feet on a horse. I could be biased - Gem's feet are the size of side plates, but to me it balances out his size and frame.

  2. Hi Wolfie, I'm not a fan of tiny feet either. Unfortunately both of the quarters have them. You're lucky with Gem, those gigando feet will probably keep him sound for life.

  3. S. - Come visit my site......there's a surprise for you. :-)