Friday, May 28, 2010

What shall I name her?

Now that June is rapidly approaching it's time to get the wheels turning on registering Gwen. But I'm having creativity issues on what her registered name should be. Help please?

When I daydream about Gwen's future I see myself showing her in dressage and hunter rings. That may never come to pass but I'd like to plan that it will, in which case she needs a decent show name. Which might as well be her registered name.

Quarter horse names usually include some element of their forebears' names. Gwen's parentage is Extensive Bouquet x Shade of Conclusive. Famous sires in her bloodlines include Conclusive, Impressive, Poco Bueno, Zippo Pine Bar, Leo, King and, of course, Three Bars.

When I send in the papers I get six name choices that can only consist of 20 characters including spaces. I've got a few ideas but none that I'm really married to:
  • Blazing Gwenevere
  • Blazing Gwen Bars
  • In The Pines
  • Flowers For Gwen
  • Lady Gwenevere
Do you have any ideas? Her registered name wouldn't necessarily have to include Gwen, Gwenevere, or even that spelling of the name (which I chose because it's easier to spell out for vets and farriers).The only other suggestion I've gotten is Bone Breaker, and that was from Paramedic Fred who I met during my recent ride in an ambulance. Har har, Paramedic Fred.

In case you need some inspiration, here's a reminder of what she looks like:

Thanks everybody!

BTW- Coriander's registered name is Ima Handsome Mr (which he is).


  1. She's beautiful, Shannon. I have no idea if these are appropriate when it comes to registration, but here's a few suggestions off the top of my head:

    Three Shades Bouquet
    Shades of Impressed
    Impressive Bouquet
    Three Shades of Gwen
    Conclusive Impact

    BTW, I love Coriander's registered name. :-)

  2. Wolfie, those are great! You are good at this. I really like Three Shades of Gwen.

    For the record- I didn't know Coriander's registered name until after I brought him home and got his papers. He was just "the gelding." I tried a couple of different names on him until Coriander just popped out of my mouth. His ears pricked up and he looked at me when I said it so I stuck with that one.

  3. My pleasure, Shannon! Coriander is an unusual name. Do you do a lot of South Asian cooking?? With my mother's Anglo-Indian background, coriander seeds were a staple in our household. :-)

  4. I have to confess that I'm not much of a cook. I think it had to do with my love of Indian food and my husband's spice experiments. He could have been Curry!

  5. Impressive Lady Gwenevere, Impressive Conclusion, Shades of Impressive... I like Wolfie's suggestions, she's good at this sort of thing... I'm not. I can never think up good names, just ask my kids!