Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One week left!!!

Time for a quarters update!

Coriander has decided to be a champ at Grownups are Talking. I can now get a few steps away from him and he stands like a stone. He also caught on to targeting pretty quickly. I was a little worried the day I introduced it to him because he didn't seem to get it, but I went back the next day and it was like he had a lightbulb moment,  "Oh, you want me to touch that thing with my nose. Why didn't you say so?" Silly boy.

I've started working with Gwen over a ground pole, preparing her for free jumping (thanks for the pointers Golden the Pony Girl). I only had to get her to step over the pole using the target twice before she figured out what I was looking for. She now happily steps over the ground pole, she'll even stand straddling it to get her treat. She's also teaching herself to keep her feet clear and not hit the pole. She stepped right on it with a hind foot twice, which was pretty awkward for her, but after that she made sure to pick her feet up nice and high to get over it.

I'm so impressed with my girl. Last fall she flipped out about ground poles after she just clipped one with her hind hoof and it made a noise. It took me weeks to get her near one again. Now she's stepping on the darn things and it's no big deal.

Last night both the quarters got to work on standing still while being hosed. It was around 90 degrees here yesterday and my poor horses were covered in salty sweat crud so I figured they'd appreciate getting cooled off. Neither of them are good about the hose, so whenever they stood still I'd click, put the hose down and give them a treat. Coriander caught on pretty quickly, Gwen not so much- but she did manage to stand still for a little while so progress was made.

I turned them out for the night while they were still dripping. I wish you all could have seen them, they took off galloping all over the pasture with their tails in the air like arabians. Galloping through the pasture with wet skin after a hot day must equal bliss.

Anyway, I've put up way too many posts in a row without pictures so here you go. It's been a little difficult to get pictures lately, Coriander has figured out that I'm a human vending machine so he's all over me in the pasture. Most of my pictures have been turning out like this:

After he tries to mug me he stands guard, so then all I see is this:

But I can outsmart him, I took this picture right under his nose:

One week left until the syndesmosis screws come out!  Yahoo!!!


  1. It is amazing what adding a little incentive and positive feedback can do for a horse's confidence right? Bodhi was not a fan of poles either and had no body awareness so he was always stepping on them. Now he really focuses and enjoys the obstacles. He will veer towards them when you are riding. Very cute. :) Have fun with it!

  2. It really is amazing, I think using clicker training with her has allowed her real self to emerge. She doesn't spend all her time being scared and anxious anymore and has actually become very curious.

    I can't wait to get her started jumping, I think she's really going to enjoy it.

  3. HAHA classy pictures!!

    Jumping brings out their true personality. For better or for worse ;)

  4. There's nothing like a face full of horse butt.

    I'm hoping that jumping helps build her confidence. She needs a ton of it still.