Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alexandra Kurland Clinic

I'm back from the three day clinic jam-packed with information!

Here are some logistics in case you want to attend one of Alex's clinics:
  1. You can't audit it. You either sign up as a horse participant or a non-horse participant. Alex actually prefers that first timers don't bring a horse.
  2. Half the day is spent over round table discussion, the other half is watching  handlers work their own horses (with Alex occasionally stepping in).
  3. Bring a notebook, you are going to want to takes TONS of notes.
  4. Expect to be asked to think and contribute to the discussions.
 First I have to say that my experience at this clinic will probably be different than most. All but one of the other participants have been doing this clinic with Alex three times a year for about 10 years now. Since they are all quite advanced, a lot of time was spent discussing animal behavior theory. I felt a bit like I was sitting in a college lecture hall, it was fascinating but probably beyond most newbies.

There were even some (internet) famous people there.  I met Marjorie, who is the mastermind behind http://barefoothorse.com/; and Katie, who has some great information on clicker training at http://www.equineclickertraining.com/.

I'm going to break up what I learned into a string of posts- I don't want to slam all of it up at once, it would get REALLY long. You'll have to bear with me.

My overall impression of the clinic was that it was an excellent use of my time and money. Alex is very approachable and she really knows her stuff. If you think that clicker training is something you want to pursue then I strongly suggest you try to attend a clinic. The schedule is here.


  1. The clinic sounds like it was very informative and well worth the money. I'll be interested to see your thoughts in the posts to come.

  2. Thanks GHM, I'll get cracking on that.