Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recovery: week 6

Week six has been a much better week for me.  I can now walk for short distances which for me means that I can groom my horses again!  Coriander is happy because I found a curry mitt that's gentle enough for his sensitive skin and Gwen's happy to be getting mounds of attention again.  She has really been a good girl, she's picking up her feet with a minimum of fuss and she even let me hose her off yesterday without any drama (It's been in the mid 80s here for the past two days, WOW early hot weather.)

About my boarding issues: I've had an offer from someone who can board my horses in a pinch if I need it which is making me feel a lot better.  I also went out earlier this week (warning profanity ahead) and bought my own damn shavings and put them in Gwen's stall my own damn self.  So now I'm feeling better about the stall issue too.  Plus this month my horses are in the pasture right next to the barn so I might even be able to turn them out myself pretty soon, no more water deprivation!

I was also able to sign up as a non-horse participant for an Alexandra Kurland clicker training clinic in the middle of May.  They said I could participate even if I'm still on crutches.  Woohoo!  I'm really looking forward to it.

Yup, my world is getting better one week at a time.

Here's some cute pictures of quarter horse tongues, "mmm licorice" they say.


  1. Mid-80's!? What the heck?! :-) I am so glad you are feeling better. Being mobile makes such a difference.

    Having a Plan B if the boarding situation were to get really bad is always a good thing. Good for you for taking back control.

    Yes, your world is improving!

  2. Seriously, how about that weather?! It's been crazy hot for the beginning of May.

    Yes, totally, having a backup plan and mobility is making a world of difference for my well-being and my horses.

    I hope you are healing well, it sounds like you're already doing better on the pain front.