Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mud season is here

I had to pull out my fashionable black rubber boots to celebrate:

Coriander appreciates the restorative aspects of mud and has really taken to full body treatments:

Meanwhile, Gwen thinks she got some in her eye:


  1. Gem is fully appreciating the full body spa treatment also. I almost didn't recognize him yesterday - my black horse was brown. :-(

  2. Ugh, hopefully he didn't really cake it on. Caked mud is horrible to get off. I drove out to the barn Monday afternoon to ride Coriander and pulled up to find that bugger rolling! He's got impeccable timing.

  3. My 8 look just as bad. Speaking of caked on mud, I had to pull big clunky wads of it out last night. Oh, not from me from their hind ends and Sweetie's mane. What a disaster.

  4. Ugh again. Hopefully the weather at your place has been like the weather at mine, GHM. It's been sunny and dry for the past week and the mud is drying up. Maybe we'll get lucky and have a short mud season this year.