Friday, March 5, 2010

Attitude matters

I haven't really worked with Gwen for the past couple of days because she's been a bit on edge.  Not dangerous or anything, just sort of anxious and out-of-sorts.  I wasn't able to put my finger on why she might be feeling this way until today.

I'm not normally in the barn during chores, but today they were started early, and now I think I know what's been getting to Gwen.  My barn owner put her back out last weekend and so her husband has been helping her do chores.  Her husband is a bit... grumpy, shall I say?  Enough so that anytime I'm around him I feel a little on edge.  He's never said anything or acted any way towards me that would be inappropriate or aggressive, he just broadcasts negativity.  Have you ever met anyone like this?

I'm NOT insinuating that he's been abusing my horse, I doubt he's even been in her stall much less touched her, but she is incredibly sensitive to emotions.  I remember a new horse came into the barn one day and was very upset, all her herdmates were outside and she was pacing and screaming in her stall.  Guess what my mare was doing?  The same thing!  She had no reason to, before that horse came into the barn Gwen was absolutely fine and every other horse in the barn was completely calm.  She is just a mirror for unbalanced emotion.

Fortunately my barn owner says that her back is feeling 100% better so hopefully that negative emotion will start avoiding the barn again and my mare will chill back out.

Has anyone else had issues like this?


  1. I do believe that horses can pick up on emotions and if that guy puts you on edge it's entirely possible that he's having the same effect on her. I've known horses to absolutely despise some people and love others, so for her sake I hope mr. grumpy isn't around too much.

  2. Hi GHM, yeah, she really doesn't like him. Fortunately he's almost never in the barn under normal circumstances. If an animal doesn't like someone it sure does make you take a closer look at them doesn't it?