Friday, March 12, 2010

Clouds on the horizon

Literally, it's supposed to rain all night and all weekend.  On the one hand, that will be good because the rain will wash away the snow we've still got hanging around.  On the other, holy crud are we ever going to have a lot of mud from it.

One of the things I didn't anticipate before getting the quarters was becoming an amateur weatherman (woman).  Since I pay for stall board, when the quarters get turned out they go into pastures without shelter.  Which means that the first thing I do every morning is check the weather and determine whether I can turn the horses out today or not.  If there's supposed to be a little drizzle or a flurry they go out, more precipitation than that and they stay in.  Really windy and cold today?  They stay in.  I end up keeping them in a lot of days when I know they would stay outside if it was their choice.  Well, Gwen's choice.  Coriander would prefer to stay in everyday and wallow in hay for 5 months out of the year.  Anybody else struggle with turnout issues?

Anyway, the quarters didn't go out today because it was supposed to rain on and off and when I got to the barn after work it looked like it could start pouring at any moment.  All they did tonight was hand graze on a bit of the lawn that had finally emerged out from under the snow.  Yesterday I took Gwen out to the ring to do some targetting practice.  She only raced along the fence once before she came back to me ready to work.  That's quite an improvement for her.

Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be beautiful and I am lucky enough to have both of those days off from work.  I'm planning on using those days to jump start spring training.  That includes getting back on Gwen and starting Coriander on his new exercise regimen (compliments of Grey Horse Matters).


  1. We usually turn our herd out everyday no matter the weather. Obviously, if there's a blizzard or hurricane they would stay in, but they seem to prefer to be turned out and actually scream and carry on to get out there. We feel the exercise and fresh air does them good mentally and physically, then again it's every horse owners call what they prefer for their horses. This is just what we do.

  2. If there was shelter in their pasture they would be out everyday. I do try to turn them out as close to everyday as possible. It's hard when you board at a barn where the other horses don't get turned out even if it's only going to sprinkle. It makes me question myself.