Sunday, March 7, 2010

The best sign of spring

The automatic waterers were turned back on today!  Phew, three months of breaking ice out of buckets was more than enough.

Here's the latest on Gwen's leg.  Looks pretty good, eh?  There are two small scabs left but it looks like 95% of the wound has finally closed up.  Time will tell how the hair grows back in over it.  She's guaranteed to have one heck of a scar though.

I've been working further on saddling her this weekend.  She had no issues with the girth yesterday or today, I even put one of the stirrups on the saddle and practiced putting weight on it.  It might not be much longer before I need to gather my courage and swing a leg over!

I even climbed up on Coriander bareback this weekend.  Thank goodness he's a saint of a horse, because it was more like desperately scrambling onto his back.  Even with the snow advantage, he's still 15.3 and I'm still 5'4".  I just walked him around the pasture for a few minutes, maybe if Gwen sees me riding him she won't be so surprised to find me riding her.

It was another beautiful weekend, sunny and in the 40s F, and it's supposed to stay that way all week.  Finally!  I cannot wait for all this snow to disappear.


  1. Gwen's leg looks terrific! You will be swinging your leg over her very soon.

    It was beautiful here too...I rode without a winter jacket. :-)

  2. Yay for spring! I was wandering around all weekend without my coat on too. It was fabulous.