Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lovely blog award

My thanks to Grey Horse Matters, Rose Valley Ranch, Minus Pride and TBA for nominating me for this award. It's nice to be appreciated, consider yourselves nominated right back.

New-to-me blogs I'm recommending (most of these are on my sidebar):

  • Reflections on Riding - this is my dressage trainer's new blog. Her help with Coriander's training has been invaluable. We don't agree on everything, but life would be boring if we did, right?
  • Memoirs of a Horse Girl
  • All Horse Stuff
  • Pork Belly Acres
  • Two Horses
  • My Country Genes
  • All Gear No Skill
  • Song of the Black Horse
  • R Lil Bit of Cash
  • Beautiful Mustang
  • Calm, Forward, Straight
  • Snarkyrider
  • Ride A Good Horse
  • Sweet Horse's Breath
  • Eventing-A-Gogo - Gogo is breathing her last breath today. Head over and give Andrea your support, it's been a very difficult road for them.
A couple things about me you don't already know:
  1. I am obsessed with zombies and the fall of civilization. In my mind they are the same thing, in the case of a zombie attack civilization as we know it would end. If civilization fell we would be protecting ourselves against our fellow human beings in much the way we'd protect ourselves from zombies.
  2. I get headaches, A LOT. I've always wondered if maybe it's because my neck knots up like boat rigging. While we were in Hawai'i I got two massages and they really worked on my neck, softening up those knots, then I took over and worked on it myself. The good news is I've been mostly headache free for two weeks now (a record!) just by keeping those knots at bay.
  3. Speaking of that here's a little trick I was taught to stretch your neck: Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head, lift your head forward until you feel resistance and then press backwards with your head using 5% strength for the count of 15, relax and pull your head forward again. Repeat this three times and you'll find that your neck has stretched significantly further between the initial stretch and the last one. Pushing back against your hands is key.
  4. My favorite food right now is a turkey submarine sandwich with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, spicy mustard, and provolone. Yummy.
  5. My biggest pet peeve is people complaining to me about their back pain. I've had back pain, I've had back surgery, if you complain to me I will tell you what you need to do to be pain free. If you hear my advice and give me a bunch of excuses as to why you can't do some simple situps I can only assume you like the pain and will therefore ignore your complaints (This just happened to me again recently, just do some core exercises, darn it!).
  6. I have a large white streak in my hair due to vitiligo on my face, it's underneath so it's only noticeable when I put my hair up. When I was a kid I would tell people I was struck by lightning. Most people nowadays just think I do it on purpose, it does look kind of cool. Sadly it raises my risk for skin cancer to something like 100%. Sunscreen and hats are my friends.
  7. I have very long toes, they are so long that people like to call them monkey toes. I can interlock my toes like you'd interlock your fingers, some find this a bit disturbing...
I'll just leave you on that note, shall I?


  1. OK, Smaz, that has to be one of the most eccentric "seven things about me" list in the universe! Wow. I wonder if zombies do situps? :) And you should be proud of the prehensile foot thing. I use my feet all the time to pick things up off the floor, which bothers the rest of my family.

    I still consider ibuprofen one of the best inventions of our century. When I was a kid I used to suffer from terrible headaches--the helpless vomiting lie-in-a-dark-room-and-hope-you-pass-out kind. My mom could never give me anything stronger than Tylenol or baby aspirins. Now that I'm a grown-up I don't get headaches as often (probably because I actually do things like drink water now) but if I'm getting a headache, I pop a couple of Advil. Problem solved.

  2. Very interesting...I didn't picture you as a zombie type of girl! lol
    Could you do a post sometime on how to do good sit-ups? I want to do them, but not hurt my back more in the process. Maybe even a youtube video??


  3. Love your list! Strangely, zombies have never bothered me, guess cause I think they're not real, maybe they are, who knows. I get headaches a lot too and was wondering if it's my knotty neck. Got to learn to relax more. My sister actually has toes like yours and uses them to pick stuff up all the time. Anyway, I think your white streak is cool, except for the susceptible to skin cancer stuff. You've got a great sense of humor telling kids you were struck by lightening, very inventive.

  4. Shannon - Zombies creep me out, but I could take one on if I had to! :-) I hear you on #2. In fact, I was taking so much Advil, I had to stop taking it 3 weeks before my surgeries...they were afraid I would bleed out! For #5, I couldn't do sit ups if my life depended on it. However, I find the elliptical works wonders for my back. #7 still has me smiling...very cool!

  5. I've found many uses for ibuprofen, unfortunately my headaches are not one of its strengths. I've tried many, many things for them. I've got narcotics for them now, pretty scary.

    Minus Pride, I'll see what I can do. Start with pelvic tilts- NOT pelvic bridges! They are not the same and the latter could hurt you.

    GHM- I know zombies aren't real, but the possibility of them is very real (I'm a little crazy, add that to my list). I'm not worried about the raising from the dead kind of zombie, but I wouldn't put it past somebody to create a zombie virus that hits the living.

    Wolfie if there's a zombie attack I'm coming up to Canada to live with you. Got room for two quarter horses up there?

    That's scary about the Advil, have they gotten any better? If not try a massage, you never know, it just might work. If it doesn't at least you got a nice massage out of it :)

  6. Congratulations and thank you for spreading the love!

    And omg, I know about the zombies! I recommend you get familiar with PvZ! Get the game so you can practice for possible attack! For the record this song is the ringtone on my cell phone lol.

  7. Plants vs Zombies? I LOVE that game!

  8. Thanks for the award!

    I wrote a speech for my friend's wedding which included zombies. Let's just say the camera man put his camera down so he could figure out what was going on. My friend and her hubby were laughing so that was all I cared about. Have you seen "Zombieland"? The movie has lots of survival tips should we ever find ourselves outnumbered by zombies.

  9. Shannon - If the zombies come, you and The Quarters are welcome up in my neck of the woods any time! :-)

  10. Thanks Shannon and I love your list, especially number 3 as I tend to have more knots in my neck than the rigging on a Threemaster! I have short toes, but I do have an extra bone floating around somewhere in my feet that makes me susceptible to ankle sprains, but at least I didn't get six toes!

  11. Thanks!
    U are so funny...zombies SCARE me ever since watching "Thriller" as a 5 yr old. Eeeks.

  12. Val- I really enjoyed Zombieland and especially liked the rules. It's amazing how often you can bring up the "double tap" rule in conversation if you try.

    Thanks Wolfie, I'll be the one traveling around Ontario shouting "Wolfie, Wolfie?" Or it'll be your zombie next door neighbor, either one.

    twohorses- ugh, I feel your pain. Try the next stretch, it might help a little. (I've also sprained my ankles too many times to count)

    Kristen- that video scared me when I was a kid too! I wonder if that's where the obsession started...

  13. Neck stretch, not next stretch. Typos.