Sunday, October 9, 2011

Indian summer

I don't know the origins of that term, but it sure is fitting for today. I was supposed to have a two day clinic with Alexandra Kurland but she had to cut it short due to a horse emergency at home, so I ended up with a free day to spend with my Quarters.

It was too hot to ride and they were both over-due for a trim so that was the task of the day. Plus it gave me a chance to get a pic of those nasty frogs I was telling you about.

Here's Gwen post-trim:
Left fore

Right fore
I'm aware that the left looks better than the right. There was some bruising under the bars on the right and I think that made her a little sensitive, she didn't want to stand still for long. I'll have to go back tomorrow and tidy that foot up a bit more.

Can you see the black lines around the hoofwall on that foot though? That's the left over crummy foot from last winter- when she wasn't on any supplements. That cruddy wall connection is 100% caused by diet. I think that in a month or two that nastiness will have grown out and she'll have nice, tight white lines.

I didn't get any pics of Coriander's feet because he was even less willing to stand still when I was done (Mark was working in the barn overhead and I think he was getting nervous) so you'll have to settle for these pictures instead.
Here he is playing with Butch (cleverly hidden behind Gwen)

And here's a not-so-great condition photo
 Here he was last fall for comparison- he put on some more muscle this year!
A couple of super sweet people nominated me for an award too, I'll get that post up later this week.


  1. Too bad your clinic was cut short, I'll bet it was interesting.

    Love all your pictures too.

  2. It is interesting to see the difference in technique and in our horse's feet. Thanks for posting the hoof shots.

    What part of their diet do you suspect is causing the thrush and separation?

  3. Hi GHM- yeah it was a bummer, especially since this was to be my first one working a horse (not mine). Ah well, she said she'll try to come out in November.

    Val- I was hoping you'd stop by and see those. The pictures show better than words how to trim the bars into ramps without high points.

    That separation happened last winter when I wasn't feeding any grain or supplements so it's really hard to know which lacking minerals were causing the issue. They're back on the CA Trace now and I picked up some magnesium (thanks for the tip on what to get) and some B-1 so I'll see what difference those things make.

  4. Bother! It must have been frustrating to have your clinic stopped. I love the photos.

  5. Congrats on your awards! Sorry to hear your clinic got cut short, but it's not a wasted day when you spend it with The Quarters. :-)

  6. I love seeing the foot pictures. I had intended to take pictures of Dee when I had her in the wash rack yesterday (a rare moment that they weren't a muddy mess). It's nice to have the pictures to compare back to previous trims, and also to compare to other people's trims. Not knowing as much as I'd like about feet often means that I can't really remember the details of what I see after I stop seeing it lol.

  7. You have an award at my blog!!
    I can't wait to come back and read this post, I like looking at feet pics.

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    what a beautiful blog!
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    hope to see you soon

  9. Well it was a bummer to have the clinic cut short but it was a life and death situation so I can't begrudge her that. You gotta do what you gotta do.

    Plus, like Wolfie said, it's not like my day was wasted ;)

    Story- pictures help SO MUCH, you'd be surprised. I advise everyone to take pictures of their horses hooves. That way if something goes wrong you've documented it.

    Minus Pride- thank you :)

    Hi Gaia, welcome. I'll come over for a visit sometime.

  10. I hope you don't mind if I ask a question :)

    It looks like you've cut a lot of a wall away, and that it is mostly the sole that will be bearing the weight, is that right? If so, is that to try to stop the separation or for some other reason?

  11. I believe that the hoofwall is there to protect the inner structures of the hoof while the sole is there to be stood on (along with the frog). So far every horse I've trimmed seems to agree with me.

    I did run my knife over the black lines of separation on the right fore- I wanted to try to keep rocks out of it and I wanted to try to get some more air in there to discourage baddies from growing.