Friday, October 28, 2011

First snow of the season

We got our first snowfall yesterday, unfortunately it started as an all day rain shower that turned into snow which means that the horses were soaking wet before the snow started.

When Gwen got to me in the pasture I could immediately tell that she was too cold. I brought them up to the barn to eat and the poor girl was shivering so hard her teeth were almost chattering. So she got to wear my "turbo dry" cooler while she ate. I had some weird ideas in my head when I bought that cooler, like it should somehow rapidly dry whatever horse I put it upon, unfortunately it doesn't work like that but it did give her a little relief from the precipitation. After they ate their grain I spread out a bunch of hay piles under the barn so they could eat under cover and then I hung out until she'd stopped shivering and took the cooler off. Hopefully they stayed under there long enough to dry off a little bit so she could warm up.

She's such a sensitive little flower, all the other horses were just fine while she was shivering. Somehow she's always the one who gets cold, gets scratches, gets inflamed after vaccinations... Anyway, now I'm in the market for a mid-weight turnout, all I've got for her is a heavy-weight and I don't want to put something on her that will make her too hot right now. Anyone see any good sales lately?

Gwen looking miserable

Coriander looking like it's a beautiful day


  1. Poor Gwen. Hard to believe winter is here of my least favorite activities is lying in my toasty bed worrying about how the "girls" are doing out in subzero weather (even though they always seem to do OK). It's funny how she really does look miserable in that photo you posted...kind of a "why me???" look.

  2. Well, we have Homer Simpson skies here today, although it is cool (4C). Keep the snow there, would you? :-)

    Gwen does look miserable compared to Coriander, poor little girl.

  3. Had the exact same thing as you yesterday at the farm. They were all miserable and couldn't wait to come in. It was still on the ground this morning. You could just see it in their facial expressions: WTH!!

  4. Fetlock- that was exactly how I felt in bed last night, worried about her while I was all warm. And believe me, she was pretty miserable right then, perked up after she got warm fortunately.

    Wolfie, um... how do I nicely say there's no way in heck I'm keeping this snow here? It's all melted now anyway :)

    GHM- then you know how it was- it came out of nowhere! Okay, that's not true, but still.

  5. That white stuff is a bad four letter word!

  6. Oh man, that's the worst--cold and rain!! I am not looking forward to it, though it could happen to us anytime. It's so hard on horses, especially old ones like my Old Red. I'll keep my ears open about blankets.

  7. Definitely the worst kind of weather!

    I love for blankets. They're reasonably priced and seem to stand up reasonably well to use - I very rarely use mine so I can't personally speak to their durability.

  8. Val- agreed!

    in2paints- agreed x2!

    Linda- rain is fine, snow is okay. Rain + snow is a dealbreaker- and thanks :)

    Thanks Funder, I'll check them out.

  9. Poor Gwen, all that white stuff looks depressing.

  10. has great prices and great sheets. Call them, they can help suggest one that is great. :)