Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So far so good...

It's been almost a week and I think the horses are finally starting to gel into one, single herd. It's been very interesting watching the dynamics. Coriander is the dominant horse in my herd of two, when presented with food he will definitely be the first to eat it, but in this case Gwen has been the spearhead. I've watched her slowly make her way to the barn where the other two are standing in the shade, warily checking them for signs of attack, while Coriander grazes away at the other end of the field. When she gets into the barn, he'll suddenly head for it and then stand behind her, using her as a shield against the other two. Poor Gwen, she's the most friendly, outgoing horse ever, she'll keep trying over and over to make friends even when the horse she's trying to make friends with would rather kick the crap out of her. She's gotten yet another war wound from trying to befriend Rocky.

I think they're at the end of it now. Yesterday we had a lovely moment while I was waiting for the vet and their vaccinations. Rocky and Butch were standing in the back of the barn and my quarters were standing in the front of the barn next to me. The temperature was perfect and there was a nice breeze blowing the bugs away. It was so nice and relaxing I think we all fell asleep for a while.

I'm waiting for the cohesion to be complete before I take either one of my horses out of the pasture. I'm dying to take Coriander out for a trail ride but I need to know that Gwen will be content with the other horses while we're gone. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend or sooner.

I've also found a new trainer. The wife of the guy next door who was so fantastic about moving my horses gives huntseat lessons (This is their place). I wandered over last night to watch a preview and ask her about her teaching philosophy. She is a strong believer in students being able to ride the trot without stirrups before cantering, and cantering without stirrups before jumping. Awesome! She's exactly what I'm looking for, but boy howdy, am I going to be SORE. My first lesson with her is Saturday, I think I might buy some liniment to have handy for the aftermath. Any suggestions?


  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to go out on the trails this weekend!

    How great is that that you found a trainer next door?!! I really hope this training relationship works for you. Yes, you are going to be sore...I have been informed that doing a jog without stirrups will be regularly incorporated into my lessons to help with my balance. I can barely walk without stirrups! :-) I am thinking that vodka soda and hot baths with epsom salts will be part of the riding experience for me in the future. You may want to stock up, too! :-)

    OT - I finally got pure vanilla, but have not been able to use it yet...it's been raining here and there's no point putting it on him. Will keep you posted!

  2. The horses usually seem to work the herd things out on their own.

    Hope the next-door trainer works out - that would be fantastic!

  3. Yeah, I'm really hoping that this move will have been a great decision in more ways than one. I'm a little nervous about having my first group lesson in years but it'll all work out.