Saturday, August 7, 2010


But first a little back story. Yesterday I took Coriander out for his second trail walk. He did much better that time, he was very relaxed and kept trying to graze. I figured a horse that wanted to eat was not a horse that was freaked out. So after checking in with the land owner (Mark) to make sure someone would be around (just in case), I saddled him up and off we went.

He was great! He wasn't nervous at all and seemed very happy to be out exploring. I had planned to just walk but he asked to trot and it was the most forward, impulsive trot I've ever gotten from him. It was so much fun!

After that I was rarin' to go today and so was he. I think he genuinely has a good time on the trail, it seems that endlessly riding around in a ring was boring him to tears too. We were trotting along nicely when he asked to canter and next thing I knew we were having our first canter together! It's a good thing I got off his back because he's got a BIG canter, those hindquarters can really push. Technically I didn't ask him to canter, I just allowed it so I still have to teach him the cue, but I'm still really happy about it. He gave me a very smooth transition, he didn't buck, he didn't get strong, and it was quite easy to bring him back to a trot. What a good boy!


  1. Now that sounds like fun!

  2. perfect! I was taught that it is best to wait until the horse offers the canter before working on it. A trail is the best place to start that sort of thing. Yay!

  3. Yay!! You said you wanted to go out on the trail this weekend and you did! And, a!

  4. awesome!

    Sounds like you both are having fun.

    Some horses really like being out on the trails, getting to move out and explore. I love horses like this, as they really make trail riding fun.

    Sounds like you and Coriander have lots of good rides ahead of you!


  5. Thanks everybody, he's a great horse isn't he?

  6. Two great days of fun on the trails and with a canter too! Yay. I find that the horses tend to get bored going round and round in the ring too. It's always nice to take them out into the world once in a while. They seem to appreciate it.