Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gems from Alois

"Indeed, the proof of the correctness of training will be shown best by the increased beauty of the horse through the development of his muscles and the improvement in his carriage and movements. Over 2000 years ago Xenophon perceived that horses by correct training will become more beautiful but never less so. I would like to add that if a horse does not become better looking in the course of his training, it would be a sign that the training was incorrect."

-Alois Podhajsky
"The Complete Training of Horse and Rider"


  1. Podhajsky is a true master of real, not artificial training - I devoured his books when I was young and should revisit them.

  2. What a wonderful teacher/trainer he was. I really should read those books again.

  3. Personally I think that every trainer should have this quote framed in their barns.

    This is one of my particular favorites, there will be more later.

  4. Great quote. He's absolutely correct.