Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unhappiness is a lame horse

Coriander is still lame. Even worse he's been lame at the walk. There's heat at the coronet band of his right fore. I tried to check his digital pulse but I'm not sure I got the right spot, I found a vein behind his fetlock and didn't feel any "banging" on either leg. So that might be a good sign or that might just show that I didn't really know what I was doing.

I soaked his right fore in Epsom salt for almost 10 minutes last night. I managed to get him to stand in a tub using clicks and treats and a flake of hay. Everything was good until he noticed the neighbor's horses grazing in the distance, then the phone rang in the barn while a car was pulling out of the driveway. All those forces converged into creating the biggest spook I have ever seen from that horse. When it was over I was covered in salt water, he was covered in salt water, and my tub was irreparably broken. So almost 10 minutes was all we could manage. He did seem a little better this morning though.

Hopefully my ex-farrier stepdad will have time to come look at him tonight for me, then I'll have a cause for Coriander's soreness before the end of the day. Otherwise the vets are going to make some more money off of me.


  1. Could well be an abscess that's going to come out at the coronet band - if you're lucky it'll be all better soon - keeping fingers crossed!

  2. Thanks Kate, that's what I'm hoping for. I'm keeping everything crossed right now. Poor boy is hurting!

  3. I know nothing about lameness, but I think soaking his foot in epsom salts was a good idea. If it's an infection, it will draw it out. Geez, I hope it is something easily taken care of. I hate it when one of my babies is hurting, so I can feel your pain, too! Fingers and toes are crossed!!!!

  4. Lameness is one of those things I never really had to deal with when I was growing up, the adults always took care of it. I remember soaking my arabian's leg once but that's about it. There's a time to learn about everything I guess.