Monday, July 26, 2010

Targeting FTW!!!

6:45 p.m.- Trailer arrives

7:05 p.m.- Gwen is all the way on the trailer

7:30 p.m.- Coriander has his front feet in the trailer, he's been a little more difficult so I put him in his stall to think on it

7:35 p.m.- Gwen is all the way on the trailer for the second time

7:40 p.m.- Coriander is all the way on the trailer

7:45 p.m.- Both horses are out on pasture for the night

Targeting and premium treats got both horses on the trailer in under an hour. Oh yeah.


  1. Good work! Sure beats fighting with them.

  2. Oh boy does it ever. Coriander tried to fight with me but I wouldn't let him. When he got in his "NO" stance I just turned him around, led him back up to the ramp and put the target under his nose. The couple of minutes I gave him to think in his stall helped too. We'll see what thinking about it overnight does.

  3. Yay! I am glad it worked for you. It always works for us!

  4. You got it done in way less time than a week. Good for you!

  5. That's great! We have always used bribes, uh, treats in training. They're a great motivator.

  6. Thanks everybody! Just so you know, I am not above bribing my horses ;)