Monday, July 19, 2010

A change would do you good

I'm moving the quarters. I was going to wait until we had a home but that doesn't look like it's going to happen very soon (dealing with family farmers isn't easy) and I am completely fed up with their current barn. If all works out well with the trailer they'll be in their new home on Sunday.

I might have been providence. On the day I decided to look on Craiglist I found a brand new ad for pasture board: big pasture, large run-in, automatic waterer, and acres of trails to ride on. Sounded good enough to check out so I went out to look Saturday.  The pasture was nice and big with the bottom of a large barn serving as the run-in. Oh and it's mowed, he was actually getting ready to mow the pasture right before I showed up (unlike where they are now where the pasture has yet to be mown this YEAR. Yeah, moving is past due.) The fence is a little sketchy, it's all high tensile wire, but the guy seems really easygoing and I bet he'd let me put up some hot tape if I asked. Funny thing is, he knows my husband and his family quite well. It's such a small world.

There are already two horses living in the pasture. An alpha AQHA mare and a belgian gelding. Hopefully Coriander and the mare won't have any spats, he tends to be a little dominant in the pasture. I think he'll back down pretty quickly when presented with an actual alpha. Gwen gets along with everyone so I'm not worried about that.

I'm taking a big risk with Gwen in this new situation. I have high hopes that she will do well in a herd setting and let go of her extreme separation issues since she won't be left alone anymore. But I am very worried that she won't and she'll get too attached and freak out if the other horses are taken out of the pasture. Some risks are worth it though, and a change is definitely needed.


  1. Big pasture, large run-in, automatic waterer, and acres of trails to ride on?? Sounds terrific! Change is always a little stressful and it may take a few weeks for the quarters to feel at home. This move sounds like a healthy one for everyone concerned. You will look like a professional out on the trails in your Western tack! Giddy up!

  2. I can't wait to ride on trails again! This only riding in a ring thing is terrifically dull.

  3. I find big pastures in a herd setting do wonders for anxious horses. Give her a few weeks and I think you will see an improvement. We brought a horse to my old barn with that issue.

    First he got worse, but then his separation anxiety disappeared!

  4. Thanks for sharing that Golden. Fingers crossed it will work for her like it did for him. I think the constant exercise will help too. She's noticeably worse if she's been stuck inside for a while.