Monday, November 30, 2009

There's a light...

Here's an updated photo of Gwen's leg:

compare that to two weeks ago:

Now that's progress you can see!  Finally it's looking like she's going to heal in the near future.  Don't let all that grey stuff bother you, that's just the Equaide.  The hock joint was even less swollen than that, but the weather here has been nasty for the last week and a half and they've been stuck inside a lot -- so it's been filling with fluid.  Grrr. 

You may have noticed that Gwenevere is skinny, well I'm working on that.  She was on antibiotics for a long time and was getting probiotics to offset their affect on her stomach, but she didn't like the taste of the probiotics so she was really picky about eating her feed.  Then the vet suggested I give her some rice bran oil to pack some calories in and she hates the taste of that.  She'd just get mad and paw all the grain out of her pan.  So now I'm onto my Father-in-law's special Cornell Mix (he sells grain for a living, it's legit).  He said it's guaranteed to pack the weight on.  We'll have to see about that, but at least she likes it.  She actually licks the pan out now.  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's going to start filling out now.  With winter coming on strong she's going to need a bit of fat!

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