Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Lady of Perpetual Injury

So a week after I got Gwen she tried to jump the fence. Fortunately and unfortunately I watched the whole thing happen. Though I was impressed that she managed to jump 3' from a standstill, I would have been more impressed if she had seen the top strand of wire. That way she would have cleared the whole thing and not ended up stuck between the strands. Then she wouldn't have ripped the front of her left hind leg off jumping back out.

And thus began a saga...

This mare refuses to heal. The accident happened around August 5, around August 10 her leg looked like this:

The last time I took a picture, around November 14, her leg looked like this:

Seriously, refuses to heal. I've learned a good lesson about nervous, hyper 4yo mares, they will gnaw on their legs like wolves. So I've got to keep it wrapped. Wrapping an injury that high in front of the hock and having it stay up? Almost impossible without massive amounts of really expensive elastikon (which she hates). But it is finally, finally looking better- believe it or not.

I'll keep you updated.

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