Friday, November 27, 2009

I learned how to pull manes today

But I thought that I had left my camera at home so I didn't take any pictures.  Of course I actually had it with me, sigh.

I actually expected them to not like it, but they didn't mind.  Horse hair pulls out a lot easier than human hair, so I guess it doesn't hurt that much.

Why am I learning how to pull manes now?  My horse growing up was an arabian.  I feel that arabians look silly with their manes pulled.  With their delicate heads and graceful necks, they really need a long, flowing mane.  Plus it's style, people with arabians generally don't pull their manes.

Quarter horses are different, unless they're used for reining, they get their manes pulled. 

So now my fingers hurt, but the quarters are looking stylish!

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