Thursday, November 17, 2011

Writer's block

I haz it. I can't think of anything I want to talk about that would be interesting. I just got Pete Ramey's very expensive new book and part of me wants to snark on that, but I just snarked on AQHA and too much snarking gets old fast.

I could talk about our latest nocturnal training sessions, but talking about training for ground tying, pose and leg lifts also gets mad boring without any visuals to explain what I'm doing.

I could talk about my last ride on Gwen on Saturday, where she was really good until she decided she'd rather graze than move forward and so decided backing up to stay in the grass was the better option. Unfortunately she backed my helmet right into a tree branch and scared herself when it made a sound (which only resulted in a 3-step spook, good for her!)

I could talk about my last lesson where we worked on leg yielding and I innocently pretended I didn't know what I was doing so I could pick her brain on the aids. But most of you know how to leg yield so that's not too interesting either.

I could talk about how I trimmed Zippy again last weekend and it looks like I've finally come to the end of his impacted bars. YAY! The owner lunged him before I worked on him and I was delighted to see that he was completely full of beans, bucking and kicking- horse felt good! Still lame, but a lot  better than he has been. I did uncover some disease pockets in his right fore though, that was a little worrisome.

But nothing seemed to be entire post worthy all on its own. Anyone interested in what I have to say about laminitis? I've been meaning to do some more research on that anyway.

Ah well, I guess you'll just have to look at this strange photo of Coriander eating dinner last night. Hopefully I'll come up with something interesting to say soon.


  1. I love the horse spooking herself by knocking on a tree with you. :-)

  2. I can't say I enjoyed it while it happened but it is making me chuckle now ;)

  3. I'll read a laminitis post!

    When I first heard of laminitis, I was told that the problem was caused by too much protein (years ago). Now my understanding is that protein has nothing to do with it. The culprit is sugar. Can you find the truth for us?

  4. Oooo ooo ooooooooo, please do tell about the new $$$ Ramey book!! I was going to buy it. Ramey is where I started my "barefoot adventure" and I do think some of the concepts are valid; but in my limited experience it seems that Ramey trimmers are far too conservative in their trims. OK, so I am basing that on, like, two Ramey trimmers, but still...:-D But regardless I was still going to buy it eventually, partly because of the chapters by Bowker, Kellon, Watts, etc. Is it not worth the $$$?

    And, yes, I would read a post about laminitis! Especially since I am now helping to rehab a laminitis mare. *grabby hands* Knowledge, please!

  5. This post made me laugh out loud.

    And yes, I second the request for dishing on the new book. I read a lot of blogs each day so it takes me a while to notice repeated negativity in an individual blog :o)

  6. Okay, I'll get cracking on a laminitis post or two then.

    Here's the problem with snarking on the book- to do so I have to snark on Pete Ramey and his trim. Even though I think he teaches a very conservative trim that doesn't necessarily work very well so he won't get sued (deep breath), I don't think it's a good idea to drag his name through the mud. I'll have to think if there's a way avoid that.

  7. I've totally got the writers block thing going on too. I even seem to be having trouble formulating intelligent comments to make on everyone's blogs lately. Maybe a time of year thing. Thing is, I haven't stopped reading so if you've got an idea, post it! I need something to do while I'm not writing anything of my own lol.

  8. I hear ya about having interesting things to say. I sort of feel over the years I've kind of said it all about anything I think is important and those interesting posts are forever forgotten in the old archives. Anyway, I liked your post, especially spooking your horse with your helmet. Good one. Laminitis would be a good post series.

  9. LOL, Story I think the same thing: somebody write something so I have something to read!

    GHM- Maybe you could repost your greatest hits? I bet a lot of those posts would be new for many people- and there's a lot of good stuff in your archives.

  10. Ok, you can rant about a book written by a "Steve Pramey" how's that??? ;) and we'll know what u mean.
    Re: laminitis......ummmm, don't mention my MOST obsessed topic and leave us hanging!!! We learn by sharing thoughts. Even if we go "NAAAH" there is always an Aha moment for some. I learned so much by what NOT to do! lol. Get to typing!! :) Oh, and I"ll have our xrays up soon so you'll have something to pour over for your barefoot loving mind :)

  11. Oh, and my verification word was "FEEDIO" so make sure you mention how nutrition totally effects the hoof too :)

  12. Kristen I'm sitting here giggling like an idiot about your Steve Pramey idea...

    I'll see what laminitis research I can get my hands on and see where I can go from there.

  13. I've been so completely entertained with your post! And then the comments really got me going in laughter. You write well even when blocked!
    Gwen, fruitcake!
    Is she in season? Mine is...weird timing.

    Well, laminitis it is...I'm winding up for "o
    ur" mutual post. Cleaning and packing a certain leather good in my livingroom. ;)

  14. Sweet, KK, I can't wait :)

    Nope, Gwen is not in heat- her last cycle is usually in October now- she's just strung a little tight ;)