Monday, February 15, 2010

The weather gods were reinforcing my whining

At least that's what I thought. Comes out nobody likes a whiner.

It was 30+ degrees all day while I was at work. I was so excited, finally I could do some training! I rushed home, grabbed Coriander's bridle and bit, ran to the barn... and it was 24F there. So no bit work today. I know for a lot of people this isn't that cold, but since he's just getting used to the bit I want to try to make it as comfortable as possible, and that's too cold for comfort. So fine, weather gods, I've learned my lesson. No more whining about the weather.

Though I figured out it's not the temperature that's actually getting to me, it's that I can't do any training that's really bothering me. Everything is too frozen and icy, I don't want to risk the horses falling and hurting themselves on it (something Gwen would definitely do). So I'm waiting. I hate waiting. Waiting's NOT my favorite.

It wasn't a total bust though. I got Gwen to stand calmly in the stall today with the lunging surcingle buckled around her belly. That's progress.


  1. It's the time of year, S. I hate waiting too. I find that the days are dragging. It's warmer during the days here, so the snow melts but it freezes at night making it icy. But the days are longer!! I am not driving out to the stables in pitch blackness anymore. Re Coriander's bit, why don't you warm it the special way I warm Gem's??? ;-)

  2. I could have stuck his bridle down my pants, after all no one was there to see me do it. Though for me that would take all the fun out of it. I would prefer to parade around with the bridle hanging out of my pants and tell everyone it's a fashion statement. But then I'm goofy like that.

    And thank goodness for the longer days!