Friday, August 26, 2011

Pop quiz

The Quarters got their teeth done today and I took advantage of my vet getting a new portable x-ray machine to get a look inside Gwen's front feet (We'll get Coriander next week after I have a chance to trim him).

Here's the right fore:

And here's the left fore (the clubby one):

So here's the pop quiz: What do I need to change when I trim that left fore?

PS- I got the thumb's up to do some posts based on some things I learned at school, I'll try to get those up next week.


  1. Fun. Let's see...bring down the heel?

  2. Ooh, you two are smart, that's exactly what I have to do- take the heels down and back up the toe a bit more. Actually the heels on the right fore could come down a smidge too.

    You can see how much better the hoofwall is attached above the bottom 1/4 of the wall. That bit at the bottom is the last of the crappy foot she grew last winter, in 2-3 months that should be gone.

    The x-rays were a relief to me, I was worried about taking those heels down because of the club but now I know that it's the best thing for her. I'm quite interested to see what comes out of Coriander's films next week.

  3. Oh, I was going to echo the heel suggestion, but I thought you already tried this and it was a no go. Interesting.

  4. Yes, I see that both hoof walls are a bit "dished" -- the upper portion looks like it's growing at the same angle as the coffin bone, but the bottom part flares forward.

    And, yep, heels look a little bit high. Isn't the coffin bone supposed to be just a few degrees from perfectly horizontal? So that it will be ground parallel when loaded (on impact)?

    And is the RF heel underrunning slightly? Or am I seeing that wrong?

  5. I totally cheated by waiting, but I was thinking the toe needed to come back some. I guess I'm possessive of heels at the current moment so that piece was overlooked.

    I really wish I had x-rays of Lilly's feet, but I only have an x-ray of one foot and it was done in the height of her ligament issue. None of my trimmers said it would do any good for them, but perhaps I'll think about doing it for me. I'm just so curious!

  6. Good thinking Val, I can take her heels down without much worry- it's Coriander's that are the issue...

    Frizzle you could make a living as a consultant, you have an excellent eye! You're right about the right fore, it's been driving me crazy with the underrun heels!!! Today I took her heels down to the recommended height and I'll be taking her toes a hair further back this week. Hopefully that'll fix that issue along with the improved diet.

    I'm still not sure about the ground parallel coffin bones- still reading about lots of contention on that issue!

    in2paints you were right in seeing that the toes are a tad long and I know why you're touchy about heels right now so I'll forgive you for that ;) X-rays are super interesting but I don't think I'd be getting them if my vet weren't giving me 15% off.